These days…

C1B5F92D-964E-401D-8B94-A2BDFDBFA346Well…I’ve been ghost. Don’t worry, I have a good excuse.

So I’m back into school; studying information security. This is very different for me due me not having any an IT background whatsoever. But I am surviving. Time is imperative these days. But I’m staying afloat. Especially after all of the ruckus that Hurricane Mike brought. Gratefully, normalcy is back.

-Current World News:

Let’s not mention these elections. So yeah…NEXT!

-Random Kia News:

I got a great lab report on my quarterly check up with my rheumatologist. I have SLE (lupus). Platelets are up, too. Yay!

-Randomness News:

I’ve taken a liking to The Good Witch. I love, love Catherine Bell. I fell in love with her and Sterling Brown from watching Army Wives. Even my 6 year old enjoys it. How cute?

I’ve also cut my hair. I’m currently rocking a curly tapered cut. It’s fun.

Well that’s it for now. Gotta tune into my show!


We Are Who We Are Today Because of Them.

DA3EA105-48FC-4127-B7D9-DF178C9E7E87Wisdom. No filter. Funny. Loving.

Gotta love the elderly.

I mean they paved the way.

I’ve been working in long term care for about 5 years. My Granny raised me so I guess that’s why I always had a love for the elderly. Seeing their face light up for the simplest things, brightens my day.

They’re also funny. I can remember that one time, I was reading the lunch menu for a visual impaired resident. And the little older white resident (who by the way had dementia) said, “I didn’t know colored folk could read.” I’ll never forget that as long as I live.

Working with geriatrics has the perks (everyday is different). Those that reached their full potential after completion of their rehabilitation and going back into the community is always great. And of course, there’s the downside. The family with the dynamics, the unrealistic families who think mom will bounce back 100% after a stroke, BEHAVIORS, those that continue to decline, and the ultimate, losing someone who’s like family.

Awhile ago, skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) was just for the elderly but people of all AGES are placed.

Insurance companies are milking our elderly. Especially those managed care programs. It’s still disheartening. Thank God my Granny has someone like me to have her back. As a social worker, you know your persona is to save the world. I had always dreamed of getting my masters in gerontology. But the way this government is set up, I’m good. I always try to remind myself that that’s the business side. Keyword: try.

I will always have respect for the elderly! Thank God for continuous care. I truly feel as though I made a huge difference in someone’s life throughout these few years. I love my geries! The Lord knows I do.

There will always be a surge in healthcare and especially in long term care due to the rising life expectancy. But with great regret, I’ve decided to change my career path and that’s in IT. Cybersecurity to be exact. That’s for another post, someday.

Yard Bird.

DF65DA17-C086-42C9-9E5E-4CA322B9345DSo today (actually yesterday because Sunday starts a new week) I decided that I was going to become a pescatarian…again.

A pescatarian is one that does not eat meat with an exception of seafood.

The thing about it is, I don’t want anything to lose its life/suffer to benefit me. But I just can’t completely let go of meat. And plus there’s great benefits for being a pescatarian and I can literally eat salmon (the “L” is silent so it’s “sam-un”) EVERYDAY!

But I relapsed on my first day. So is it really a relapse if it’s the first day, though?

I’ll blame it on my Granny. She’s a true southerner. We eat soul food almost daily and especially on Sunday’s.

On the menu:


Macaroni and Cheese


Field Peas



I wasn’t going to eat the chicken but I gave in. Now I feel bad. Like a dog with its tail in between its legs.

I’ll try again tomorrow.

The Way of the World.

I had been on my “Brand New Me” for about two weeks now. Everything was going good for your girl. I purchased a book about chakras (for beginners of course), Florida Water, essential oils, sage, and you guessed it…crystals. I was getting my metaphysics on, lol. 

Since being diagnosed with SLE, sleep is imperative. My sleep hygiene was on point. I had my Himalayan salt lamp, diffuser, and Pandora on ocean waves for deep sleep (Moonlight Sonata is my favorite).

So by the first week, I felt like I have been born again. Sniffing my essential oils, taking probiotics, and even making smoothies for breakfast. Negativity out, positivity in; I was on a role!  

Then boom!

The negativity surfaced. Someone who I thought was a friend was not so of a friend. The loyalty that I thought was there was evidently…not. This person somewhat knew of of my personal business and lo and behold, told it. Betrayal much, right? Now that I see this individual for their true colors, I have decided to remove myself from this toxic “friendship”. 

Have your ever heard the idiom of “Beware of the dog that brings you the bone”? Basically the individual always delivers bad news to make themselves feel good. This individual did this ALL THE TIME! It had gotten so bad that I would intervene with “That is none of my business” each time. You’d thought they got the picture? A nice quote that’s suffice with this situation is “Do not tell me what they said about me. Tell me why they were so comfortable to say it around you.” 

In these few weeks, I have learned that people will never be completely happy for you unless they are happy with themselves. Misery loves company but I am not accepting that invitation. 

As a Christian we are taught to forgive. So that I will do. But I will not forget what it taught me. 

I am distancing myself from all negative energy. Back to aligning my chakras.